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10th December 2013


Supports “We Can’t Wait” Initiative:

The VFW is calling President Obama’s new “We Can’t Wait” initiative an extremely positive step that will help thousands of service members with manufacturing and other high-demand skills receive civilian credentials and licenses. National Commander Richard DeNoyer said it just makes sense that specialized military training should also meet private-sector standards, such as in the career fields of machinists, welders, plumbers, engineers and logistics specialists, as well as commercial vehicle drivers, paramedics, and airframe and powerplant technicians. With industry now involved in military training standards, the VFW hopes all the states will soon ease their restrictions regarding the portability of licensing and certifications and academic credit. Read more athttp://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/docs/veterans_report_5-31-2012.pdf

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11th April 2012


VA Women Vet Programs Update:

The Department of Veterans Affairs has published a regulation officially amending VA’s medical benefits package to include up to seven days of medical care for newborns delivered by women Veterans who are receiving VA maternity care benefits. ―The regulation change makes formal the commitment VA made to women Veterans,‖ said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Erik K. Shinseki. ―This falls in line with the broad range of services VA is proud to offer women Veterans who have served this nation.‖ Newborn care includes routine post-delivery care and all other medically necessary services that are in accord with generally accepted standards of medical practice. The effective date of the rule is Dec. 19, 2011, but the regulation applies retroactively to newborn care provided to eligible women Veterans on or after May 5, 2011. VA has women Veterans program managers at every VA medical center to help women Veterans learn more about the health care benefits they have earned with their service. For more information about VA healthcare for women Veterans, visit http://www.womenshealth.va.gov.

1st April 2012


Attention Female Veteran’s

From: Bob Kozberg rjk@cbsnews.com

The CBS Weekend News, which airs Saturday/Sunday evenings at 6:30 p.m. EST (5:30 p.m. CST/PST), is putting together a story about the high unemployment rate among female veterans, according to the latest numbers released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

While there may be some explanations as to why the 22% rate is so alarmingly high, compared to the national average… even when all the explanations are factored in, the rate remains alarmingly high.

What we’re looking for is to profile one or two women who have recently served in the military, who have seen combat, and who are continuing to have problems getting employment. What were your expectations upon returning home? What’s the reality been like? What is your sense of why returning vets are finding it disproportionately harder to get jobs? Is there an (unspoken) fear by potential employers of dealing with PTSD? Is it an (unspoken) concern about future redeployments?

We are producing this story out of Lo! s Angeles, soour preference for interviews would be those who live west of the Rockies. We would do any interview on site (coming to you, instead of conducting it in a studio).

Our goal is to put a story together that looks behind the numbers. The person(s) we interview will be speaking for herself, not on behalf of the group, but she will be emblematic of what a growing number of female combat veterans are experiencing.

If you meet the criteria and don’t mind sharing your current situation (as difficult as it is) with a national audience, please contact me. Our deadline is ASAP.

Thank you so much,

Bob Kozberg,  Producer, CBS News,  Los Angeles Bureau

(323) 575-3425(office)


28th March 2012


Some Conditions Secondary to Agent Orange Diabetes

U.S. Huey helicopter spraying Agent Orange ove...
U.S. Huey helicopter spraying Agent Orange over Vietnam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most any health problem you have that in your Dr.s openion is caused by your Agent Orange Diabetes Type 2 you can file a letter from him with your claim stating so. 

A must have in the letter he should say that in his medical opinion it is likely as not caused by. ect. ect.

You don’t won’t to sound like your putting words in the Dr.s mouth so explain that such wording is really required by the Veterans Adminstration.

Coronary artery disease

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23rd March 2012


Army Chief Questioned on PTSD Diagnoses During Budget Hearing:

John McHugh as United States Secretary of the Army
John McHugh as United States Secretary of the Army (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

During a routine Defense Appropriations hearing this week, Senate VA Committee Chairman Patty Murray (D-WA) questioned Army Secretary John McHugh on the handling of PTSD cases by the forensic psychiatry unit at Madigan Army Medical Center on Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Murray’s home state. Murray asked why more than 40 percent of the service members who walked in the door with a PTSD diagnosis at Madigan had their diagnosis either changed or overturned entirely. The forensic psychiatry unit at Madigan is currently under investigation for failure to properly diagnose and treat the invisible wounds of war. Information dated back to 2007 has shown that hundreds of cases are under investigation for changing mental health diagnoses based on the cost of providing care and benefits to service members. The Army is currently reevaluating nearly 300 service members and veterans who have had their PTSD diagnoses changed by that unit since 2007. To read Stars & Stripes coverage of the hearing, click here: http://www.stripes.com/news/senator-diverts-hearing-to-get-answers-on-ptsd-care-1.172285

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21st March 2012

Video with 1 note

Harassment And Women In The Military

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12th March 2012


VA Home Loan Update:

A United States Department of Veterans Affairs sponsored lender, VA Home Loan Centers (VAHLC), announced that in their opinion the new updates to the loan modification regulations 38 CFR 36.4314 may be too restrictive to provide adequate assistance for those seeking assistance with their VA loans. The Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) has enacted temporary changes to the administrative law governing federal VA home loan modification. VAHLC comprehends that the intention of the short-term regulation reform was to allow loan servicers direct authority to modify VA loans in their portfolios. This adjustment would seemingly provide mortgage relief to veteran and active-duty homeowners who are in default on VA home loans. Although the program was designed to streamline the modification process, the DVA has stated that an unintended consequence of the new law has been the emergence of additional obstacles for the borrowers and loan services. The good news according to VAHLC is that the program creates certain protections for military homeowners in trouble. The temporary law makes it faster to get assistance while limiting the costs lenders can charge for the loan modification. Late fees cannot be added to the new home loan balance, but unpaid taxes, homeowners association dues and insurance can be rolled into the mortgage.

The new rules allow VA loans older than one year to be repaid in a new 10- or 30-year repayment plan. If the borrower has a need, they may apply for another modification after three years. The new modified VA loan must provide a fixed interest rate, but this new rate can be higher than the rate of the prior VA loan. VAHLC interprets the law to reflect that while the good intentions are evident, an ironic result of the new regulation is that borrowers who need help the most may not be able to receive the benefits of the program. The regulations state that as a condition of eligibility for loan modification, the borrower must have acceptable income, expenses, assets and credit history. The problem is that homeowners who are in default usually do not have what lenders would consider an acceptable credit or income history. VAHLC recognizes that this clause is too restrictive and may allow service providers the ability to deny many modification applicants. Once a borrower has been denied, the remaining options are usually bankruptcy, foreclosure or a short sale of the home. VAHLC acknowledges that while the new rules to the loan mod program are intended to give a second chance, many borrowers will not be able to get relief. The result is likely to keep the program from completing its objective. “While veteran borrowers are not guaranteed a loan modification, they can apply for one if they meet very restrictive criteria,” said Philip Georgiades, chief loan steward for VA Home Loan Centers. “Although some veterans can benefit from the loan mod program, many will not. The new update to the law was supposed to make it easier for veterans to obtain a loan modification. The adjustment to the law is an insufficient way to protect those who protect us.”

The VA loan program helps veterans, active and former duty military, and certain spouses of U.S. service personnel to achieve home ownership. Borrowers with a Veterans Administration mortgage who would like to apply for a VA home loan modification, are advised to contact the company (mortgage servicer, lender, or bank) where they remit their payment. To learn more about VA Home Loan Centers and the services they offer refer to http://www.vahomeloancenters.org or call 888-573-4496. To learn more about the VA Home Loan program refer to http://www.benefits.va.gov/homeloans/.

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12th March 2012



I can remember when I was about 2 years old when I fell backwards and set down into a open hot pressure cooker that my mom had set on the floor as she was canning.  I had’nt really thought about it tell now.  I guess it left more than one scar than the one on my ass.